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I am the Senior Partner and Owner of Core-Action Management. I am not your everyday trainer. Far from it. As a member of the US Army Reserve, I was part of the first-ever Organizational Effectiveness unit for the Reserve. I held positions in manufacturing from materials manager to production manager to operations manager to plant manager (union environment) to CIO, including P&L responsibilities. I served as internal consultant for process improvements to a 35,000 employee global hi-tech company within their Learning and Development organization along with providing management development training. I moved two production facilities offshore for the largest private firm of its kind, working with foreign government agencies to facilitate those moves. I also traveled the Business Development road as Manager of International Sales for a product manufacturer and Vice-President of National Accounts for a service provider, introducing them to organizations such as GM, GE, and Sanmina. When working with you and your managers, I understand what you face every day – the need to hit the numbers. 


My work has taken me not only throughout North America, but also Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. I have conducted training events in London, Budapest, Manila, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Singapore. I have also traveled to Japan, Taiwan, Iran, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and Ireland for business and research. I have spoken for the US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration at conferences in New York City. I presented to a breakout sessions of an international logistics conference in New Orleans. I circumnavigated the globe on a graduate research grant, then presented my findings at the United Nations. However, my most memorable professional achievement is being called “the best manager” they ever had by the people with which I work, helping them grow through realizing their genius within and achieving results they did not believe they could, exceeding their own and company expectations.


I believe that the current management of people is based on views and ideas that are over 200 years old. While having provided our current standard of living as it has, it does not provide the basis for the ownership, engagement, and motivation for each person to demonstrate their ability to exceed goals, objectives, and results. I believe that this 200-year-old methodology sub-optimizes people, organizations, and the results achieved by both. I believe there is a better way, and that way is to first understand yourself as a manager and then your people, subsequently leveraging the genius that exists within each person, and doing that, seeing more engagement, accountability, empowerment, fulfillment, and greater results individually and organizationally. This is where diversity and inclusion live, where each person and their unique differences are understood, valued, and leveraged to propel themselves and the organization forward. It is the kind of workplace where people say, “I didn’t know it could be this good.” It is the kind of workplace that exceeds not only expectations, but also reaches beyond what seems possible. And I felt strong enough after almost four decades of management experience to take the time to write a book about it, “Just Tell Me What To Do! – Why Some Managers Can’t Manage and What To Do About It (Part I).

I do this because I believe work should be fulfilling and rewarding to the individual, the organization, its stakeholders, and the communities they serve in achieving results and not boring, demeaning, or seemingly lacking in purpose.

I do this through an Evaluate, Organize, and Execute model. Evaluate to understand the resources at hand and the results to achieve, the genius of each contributor, and the strengths of the organization. Once that understanding is accomplished, Organize those resources to maximize application and results. Finally, have organization members Execute against their new knowledge and understanding to achieve results that were previously thought not probable or even possible. Would you care to join in this awakening journey?

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