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Our services revolve around an ancient saying which holds true today. Aristotle said, “Understanding self is the beginning of all wisdom.” With that in mind, we structure a series of meetings, virtual or in-person, that provide managers with insight into their typologies, looking at personality, behavior, and team dynamics. Important to this are the assessments we use to allow self-discovery and self-understanding to take place and grow, to have managers realize how they can be more effective in every way in which they manage and interact with their subordinates, peers, their managers, stakeholders, and customers. And it is all focused upon having the organization be more effective, efficient, and productive, to have the organization exceed expectations.

Our program can be customized to fit most organizations’ needs, requirements, and budgets. No two organizations are alike, and we do not approach organizations with a fixed remedy. Also, you know your business better than anyone. We do not. Our service is focused upon helping to improve what is already there, leveraging strengths and, if requested, identifying gaps and possible solutions. 

We are certified in:

  • MBTI®

  • Everything DiSC® (Workplace, Manager, Work of Leaders, Sales)

  • Extended DISC® (Self, Managers, Sales)

  • EQ-I 2.0® (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Harrison Assessments® (Level 2)

  • Accountability Builder®

  • Leadership Builder®

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